WordPress and Gigbucks.com

Wordpress and Gigbucks.comWordPress software and Gigbucks.com can be an unbeatable combination. What is WordPress? What is Gigbucks.com? How do the two complement each other?

First, WordPress is inexpensive software used to help build websites and/or blogs. WordPress is software that is easy for the non-technical person to use who desires an online business and needs a website. It is self-updating software, which makes the maintenance part of the website easier. WordPress has many custom themes, you are sure to find one that best meets your needs. There are over eight thousand additional plugins for WordPress software which makes customization of your website a dream. It also works well for the business owner who needs new websites quickly, but is not into programming or coding.

Second, Gigbucks.com is a micro jobs website. What is a micro jobs website? It is a website where freelancers sell micro (small) jobs for a small fee. It works well for both the person needing a job completed and also a person who needs to earn money and has a set of skills not everyone has. For example, I wanted to learn how to set up my WordPress website and how to maintain it on my own. I found people willing to assist me for a small reasonable fee on Gigbucks.com, the perfect combination for me. They set my website up on WordPress and then I was able to use it.

WordPress software is popular with website owners today, because of its ease of use and many options. There are people who can help you install and customize your software to meet your needs. If starting an online business and/or blog has been a goal for you, but you did not know where to start, check out the freelancers on Gigbucks.com. Someone will be happy to assist you for a nominal fee. Watch wordpress theme video.

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