The right SEO strategy can bring your site over the top ranking websites

SEO strategyPut Time into Local SEO

Local SEO is an optimization practice that focuses on improving the rank of a website amongst other websites from similar local entities. These techniques mirror regular search engine optimization practices in several ways, but there are also a few unique methods employed to get more local recognition. When people search Google for a certain type of business in their area, the playing field evens out amongst industry giants and the little guys.

The first thing any business owner should do when trying to get their website noticed is claim their business pages on local sites such as Google + Local, Yahoo Local and the business section of This will allow a person to enter information about their businesses that could include keyword rich descriptions, store hours and regular promotions. This will ensure that Google has the appropriate information to return search results that include that particular business. The first returned results for local businesses will be next to a map of the city, and this will give a small company just as much chance of being seen as an industry leader.

Appropriate backlinks can also be utilized through local SEO. Every marketable entity should have social media website pages. If possible, a company should hold events and create an ‘Event Page’ for the occasion. This page should have a link to the regular website so that people can learn more about the event. This backlink to the main website will also increase its ranking.

Competing with the top ranking sites on Google is never going to be a simple task. They got their position through hard work and sustainability. This doesn’t mean, however, that getting ranked near the top with or completely dethroning these established sites isn’t possible. This will also take hard work and the ability to outlast the competition. Around ninety percent of Google users never go past the first or second page of returned results, so it is imperative in the modern world of advertising to rank as close to the top of these results as possible. Using the aforementioned steps will greatly increase a website owner’s chance of being successful at this. Read more about great SEO strategies.

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