Stand up comedian Claude Shires

Stand up comedian Claude ShiresThe Stand up comedian Claude Shires is a guy who tells a lot of jokes about his age. He makes jokes about his current age, the way things were in the past, and the way things will be in the future. He goes on to make fun of the medication industry because drugs can cause a lot of side effects. Claude finds it easy to make fun of the depressant drugs, and finds it easy to make fun of the erection drugs. As he points out– what are you going to do with a four hour erection?

He makes fun of the drug names because they can sound like a black girl’s name. He takes the drugs to a new level because he makes fun of blacks and whites a like. He says things that can only be said in a stand up act because they can sound racist if people do not know what it’s a joke. He makes it clear during his act that he is not trying to be a racist because he thinks we should know Spanish because it is easy to learn the language in this country.

He goes on to say that Latino women are hot, and he would love to date them. He swears a lot during his act, so you may not want your kids to watch the film. He will have you laughing because his jokes are universal! Claude talks a lot about the relationship status of people, and he keeps the audience engaged by asking them questions. When you watch his act, you will see his opinions about a wide range of topics. He even gives his male opinion about certain topics because we know that men think definitely than women. You should definitely watch the stand up comedian Claude Shires. Watch more Claude Shires comedy stand up video.

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