Stand up comedian Claude Shires

Stand up comedian Claude ShiresIf you would like to know what Claude Shires looks like, well, he looks like what an evolved Jerry Seinfeld would look like if he came back as a Romanian before going gray. The up and coming comedian has a blog that hasn’t been visited since 2011 which means that his fans are still collecting dollars in Church hoping for a big gig to come their way.

Now, you might say what what we really want to know is what kind of comedy makes up a Claude Shires comedy act? I heard one of his online video clips and he sounds like Fidel Castro negotiating with George Bush while being confused by one of his colorful mistresses. You also get that famous George Bush act of admitting he knows Spanish. Claude Shires also knows Spanish. Could be that Claude Shires differs from his idol George Bush in being Spanish since he could pass as Spanish from Mongolian descent. That might not be as mean as it sounds cause you really have to see Claude Shires to understand my evaluation of the endearing comedian.

Yes, I think, that Claude Shires could become endearing to Americans who are Spanish and who care about border jumping Mexicans leaving their palatial haciendas in Mexico City to pick lettuce in Kansas. Claude Shires has a pained look on his face as if trying to deal with some of his own unsettled parentage issues. The audience might simply think that he needs to find a john and really quickly. Could be that is a reason why nobody really knows who Claude Shires is but me.
Claude Shires lives and works in Los Angeles and has an act similar to and as mesmerizing as Jerry Seinfeld playing a Gestapo Agent to Eva Brandt. Well, almost the same. Please accept this for what it’s worth, the guy has a chance of hitting it as big as Jerry, guys. Click here for a comedy stand up youtube video.

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