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blogbal_blog_listingWhether your blog’s mission is to educate or entertain, it can do neither unless you have an audience. Getting your words to an audience can be the toughest part of blogging but putting your blog on a blog listing site can be the exposure that can put your site on the map. is one such blog submission site. They are a directory of blogs that can be searched and backlinked. They are easy to use and have two different payment options for getting your blog out to the public through their forum. You also have the option of adding your blog and also submitting single articles to the search directory.

Ease of Use
Once you set up your blog, you want that blog to reach as many readers as possible. You do this by submitting your blog to search engines and blog directories. BLOGbal is an easy to use blog directory. You submit the title of your blog, the URL address and the description in the proper fields during setup. Then, you put in your name, email address and the category you want your blog listed in and you have almost completed the setup process.

Free vs Paid
Once you have put in the general descriptions of your blog in the directory, then you use the HTML code on your blog that will direct people to BLOGbal. This creates backlinks from your blog to the directory and that is used on every blog that is listed with BLOGbal, not just yours. This is used for every submission. So, for every blog that is admitted into the blog directory, there is a link that could potentially bring readers to your blog. To become a featured blog, there is a fee. The fee is nominal and it will put you ahead of the other blogs for a year.

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