Facebook Expands With Purchase Of Instagram

W hen Instagram started about two years ago and eventually expanded to a team of about a dozen employees, the company certainly did not figure that it would be associated with Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook empire. Well apparently that vision has come true and on Monday it was announced that Zuckerberg and Facebook purchased Instagram for the sum of $1 billion. The news of the purchase set off a frenzy across the business world as perspective Facebook stock buyers seen dollar signs in their eyes and word that Instagram’s 30 million users being upset over the deal.

When the news came out that Facebook had purchased the young Instagram, a site that allows users to take pictures and let users to send them to fellow users in unique formats, the first thing that came to people’s mind was that Facebook stock will be more lucrative when it becomes an initial public offering later on in the year. Instagram users though have taken a different approach and made their voices known on Twitter and said that with the purchase by Facebook that it will ruin the format that Instagram is already known for and there have even been some Instagram users that are saying that they are closing their accounts and they do not want to have any association with Facebook and any kind of merging with that site.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg was quick on the defensive about the purchasing of Instagram and he stated that there will not be any kind of merging of the sites and that he plans on keeping Instagram the way that it is and that the two sites will be two enitriely different entitites. Instagram users though are thinking different and are blaming Zuckerberg as a money hungry businessman that is trying to take over the internet. Only time will tell as to whole this will all play out.

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