Why love is not working out?

Why love is not working out?You’re No Longer the Same Couple When You First Fell in Love

Sometimes people just grow apart. What drew a man to you in the beginning may no longer be a factor for him to stay around. It sounds cold, but sometimes your partner may no longer find you attractive.

He Feels That You Don’t Support Him

Men need to feel that the woman that the have by their side will be there to support them through thick and thin. If you never show loyalty toward the man you say you love, he is bound to feel insecure behind your actions. Basically, you’re not the loyal partner he needs. A man who senses that he will never earn your admiration may cause his interest toward you to slowly fade away.

You are Incompatible

The reality of life often exposes this more and more over time. If you have extreme differences on many things this could lead to a problem. All the significant differences start to creep up and will present themselves in very bold ways. You may have a close knit family but your mate does not share the same type of relationship with his relatives. You may like to travel or do a lot of outdoor activities, and he is more of a homebody. When this happens, the whole dynamic of the relationship can change over time. Some men feel that when they have nothing in common with you, there’s no point in hanging around for more of the same.

You’re Too Clingy

Men often fall out of love with a woman who gives them absolutely no space! Emotionally, they feel like they’re suffocating. If you are very desperate or needy this will turn most men off. He will likely start to feel pressured trying to maintain your happiness, and may begin to pull away. Read more about men and love.

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