Exquisite dive spots in North Malé Atoll

Exquisite dive spots in North Malé AtollPlanning on a dive safari here in the Maldives? Well every dive around the Maldives starts off with check dives and a day touring the North Malé Atoll, as the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located here. Read about the fantastic dive spots in this location here, and start planning your next vacation here!

The exquisite islands of Maldives is always one of the best places to visit as the equatorial sunlight and the wonderful weather is always a welcome change from almost anywhere else in the world. Hopping around the islands while on a safari boat is always quite the ride and even if you plan to stay in a guest house or a resort, never forgo the chance to go snorkeling or diving, as the beauty of the island nation is mostly under sea level.  Take a look at these great dive spots that will leave you with memories that will last for years to come!

Miyaru thila and Miyaru Faru

Close to one another, these reefs are named after Sharks, as the word Miyaru roughly translates into Shark. This is an awesome place to see sharks. There is a large overhang at about 90 ft, and you can cling onto this area and get a great vantage of the action in the location. Usually seen with an ingoing current, the sharks are usually accompanied by sightings of other pelagics like barracuda, trevally and tuna. Eagle rays are occasional visitors and are seen hunting around the reef.

The Miyaru Thila is in the middle of the nearby channel to the north. The long, narrow reef is located at 40ft depth and has a lot of large coral rocks on the northern edge. Huge schools of fusilier, napoleon, eagle rays and trevally are attracted to this reef, and powder blue surgeons are occasional sightings.  Both these reefs are good to dive with an incoming current. Click here for more info abouy North Malé Atoll.

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